1985 by Kiler Davenport

Back a few years ago in 1985 I was one of those invincible, know it all idiots that thought he could drink and drive. Only a few blocks left to my house. Creeping along as quiet as a mouse. As if out of nowhere in my rear mirror who do I see. Not one but two lit x-mas trees on top of the cars of the DPD. With sirens blaring and lights flashing. I wondered what in the heck do they want with me. After a short little chase of ten blocks or so I finally pulled over thinking they’d let me go. After all I was a paramedic. One of their own. I begged them to have a heart and let me go home. My whole career was on the line.

Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. I pleaded with them to let me go just this one time. They told me they were just doing their job. I knew at that moment it was the end of the line. That one moment in time changed the rest of the life. All I could do was think of my family just three blocks away.

All the way downtown in shackles and chains. All I could do was hang my head in shame. From that moment on I knew my life would never be the same. But you know what. It is funny how things turn out. Nowadays I never, never, never drink and drive when I go out.

One night of dancing, pleasure, heavy drinking and elation is not worth trading for jail and probation. So next time you hop behind the wheel all liquored up. Just look real hard in that rear view mirror and remember who might show up.


Artifact We Call Human by Kiler Davenport

This will be hard for most of you to grasp life is a process, an event, a form. It begs explanation not from itself. It holds no secret mysteries. It seeks not to be aware of itself. It is not even an it.

The artifact we call human. This brief anomaly self. This incomprehensible, unknowable event so recent to invisible equipped with sense and senses. To be in the midst of and seem to receive stimuli from so called external sources boggles the mind and distorts one’s ability to probe even the most simple question such as — why are we here; where did we come from; where are we going to end up. To the keen observer none of these questions can be answered. many of you will spend your whole life trying to figure it all out. Others could really care less or at least that’s the way it seems at first glance.

Heat is not hot. Cold does not freeze. Flowers do not bloom. Rain does not fall. All of this is illusion. Your mind is not within your body. Your body is not separate from the ground you walk on. Time is a silly construct of the mind. Our ability to make things up.

We must feed our senses and make sense of the senseless. Yes, the process is complex and unknown because the process lives within the answer and the answer is the unknowable. You are the answer. We are the answer. The answer needs no questions. Questions come with the package of the senses. The need to know. The need to explain this is absurdity. Ah yes the process. You are the process. The process is all there is. The rest is just your imagination.

Food For The Dragon by Kiler Davenport

We are moving into a new age. A time of drastic change; a time of turmoil like none have ever experienced before. We must all become acutely aware of our surroundings. We must learn new skills to navigate this complex and confusing environment. We cannot and should not rely on the powers that be to make our decisions for us and our children. We must stand steadfast and firm in our commitment in overcoming any and all forces that seek to destroy us as a people, a nation and a world we call earth.

This will require much study, research, training and education. It will demand that you as a sovereign citizen of the world. Be ready to stand and fight. It will require sacrifice and the willingness to die if necessary fighting for the rights of your fellow citizen. Many have already given their lives to protect what they know to be true.

Most of you have already sold out to the dragon. You have sold your soul and pawned your spirit to this massive machine we call the new world order. The final hour is near. The signs are in the air for those who have eyes.

You have been stripped of your rights. You have laid yourself open to these abuses and now you must detach yourself or die. Your cage is ready and waiting. They are coming for you. You are the 99%. You are food for the dragon.

Think About It by Kiler Davenport

If I were not here to see this
Would it be so
It does not see me or does it
You see me, I see you
They see us, we see them

It does not care or does it
If it had the capability to care
It needs me, us, you know
Doesn’t it

Well then why the hell is it here
Why the hell are we here on it in the first place
It was getting along just fine without us
Wasn’t it

How would we know if it goes away when we do
I mean does the observed rely on the observer
Does one vanish when the other goes away
Do both cease to be gone
Or never there in the first place

I mean you see this
But you don’t see me
I may be long gone
Or never there in the first place

And you, you aren’t there yet
And I speak as if you were there
Kind of like calling you into being
See there you are
All of sudden

Okay you are gone
Now that I think about it

You Me Who by Kiler Davenport

I see you there and through presupposition alone have everything and pretty much already figured out. However you see me and surmise that I am not an I at all but manifested from something called dependent rising.

The two of us, what a pair. I come from such and such a place. Did so and so with you know who and so on. You on the other hand do not come from anywhere, have not done such and such and seem to just exist.

You will not even admit being human. But I like you anyway. There I go with that ‘I’ thing again. I, I, I; me, me, me. What can happen to make me more like, well you know, you.

When you come around and teach me all that I thought I knew flies out the window. It all makes perfect sense. We are everything and everything is us. WOW. What a concept!

Mundane Madness by Kiler Davenport

Our communities are lost adrift in a sea of mundane madness. Like lost dogs we run to and fro searching for scraps of this and that consuming more and more, wasting more and more. Like maggots on a large rotting corpse we rape mother earth. We dig into her as if there were no tomorrow. She cannot shake us off with subtle hints. We multiply like rats in the sewer. WE converge on her precious treasures like roaches on rotten meat with no respect or regard for her gift. We pillage and plunder all cloaked in the name of progress. This vicious gang bang cannot continue without regard for who will come to ride her bright blue orb.

She is ready to expel us like bad gas or bring raining rocks down on our heads. Justice may be slow but it will be swift. Her water is black. Her air putrid and thick. Her skin crawls with those who have no regard or remorse. You came up out of her. She gave you life. Her insides run through you like a rushing river. You will not escape that final moment when she opens her mouth and swallows you back up from the dark place before time began.

What will lie in wait for you there? She never forgets the deeds you have done upon her. From dust you came and dust you shall return.                            

Fall From Grace by Kiler Davenport

Who is to say what is or is not to be
Why even say look to those who cannot see
Do not say listen to those without an ear
Don’t be afraid to those who fear

The out is not the in
The loom of twisted lies we spin
Take flight on constant matter
Eternal doom on endless flight
Hellbent on mindless chatter

He said, we said, she said
On and on and on
Heading for its final place
Face down among the dead

Walk softly on this race we run
Slow down your hurried pace
Do not let the clock run out
Amidst your fall from grace