Without An Agenda by Kiler Davenport

Without an agenda we are lost in the wind

Without focus we will never reach our goals

Without commitment we are tossed about by every wind that blows

Without sacrifice we are nothing

Without pain we know not the good times

Without suffering we cannot truly give of ourselves to others

Our habits keep us locked away from the possibilities

Our co-dependence chains us to yesterday

Our stubbornness bogs us down and drives away opportunity

Our need to fit in makes us the problem instead of the solution

Our routine completely blinds us to the world around us

Our past confounds us and often condines us

We live out our lives but very rarely inside our lives

We see with our eyes that have never really been fully opened

We tell ourselves how good we are doing when really we have failed

We often disregard the truth and swallow the lie

We listen to the world around us never fully hearing what it is trying to say

We to often settle for less when more is just a few steps away

We never really live in the moment

We are always out there, over there, in there

Many of us cannot let go of the past

It seeks to define us, hold us, demean us and ultimately kill us

The answers are not out there somewhere

The healing will not come from outside

It will not come from some hidden force

It lies deep within your imagination

It begs to be unleashed upon the world if only we can realize it

Our our mind to it, learn to be one with it and freely accept it for what it is

Healing does not mean the absence of pain

It does not mean the absence of suffering or even strife

It simply means an awareness, a knowing, an acknowledgment, a sense of enlightenment or awakening

It is time to reach out to those who you know are not fair weather friends to give them their due

To acknowledge their part in your life

They cannot read your mind

They need to know that you are present in this dark disconnected place we call reality

Reconnect yourself to living

Live the dream that lies dormant in your being

Let your spirit sing

Let your light shine

Let us all unite and rejoice in our union


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