Being Two People by Kiler Davenport

You cannot be two people
Not even three
The key to all the madness
Is to set the others free

It’s not easy to depart
From all those friends
They’ve been with you from day one
And they would like to stay until the end

Let’s name them – control, confusion, madness
Let’s bring them out into the light
You cannot keep them hidden
Even though you’d like to try

You must begin to kill them one by one
They all must die
The only one left standing will be so less demanding
When control, confusion and madness go away

Live life and savor the moment
Be ready to give
Don’t fret, frown and feel sorry for yourself
That’s the fool’s game

Just remember every precious second counts
We have no time to waste
Stop hiding in the dark ages past
God does not dwell there
He is the now and future
For this you should prepare

An idle mind is the devil’s playground
For this you cannot deny
Stop playing that old victim game
For tomorrow you may die


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