You Me Who by Kiler Davenport

I see you there and through presupposition alone have everything and pretty much already figured out. However you see me and surmise that I am not an I at all but manifested from something called dependent rising.

The two of us, what a pair. I come from such and such a place. Did so and so with you know who and so on. You on the other hand do not come from anywhere, have not done such and such and seem to just exist.

You will not even admit being human. But I like you anyway. There I go with that ‘I’ thing again. I, I, I; me, me, me. What can happen to make me more like, well you know, you.

When you come around and teach me all that I thought I knew flies out the window. It all makes perfect sense. We are everything and everything is us. WOW. What a concept!


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