Mundane Madness by Kiler Davenport

Our communities are lost adrift in a sea of mundane madness. Like lost dogs we run to and fro searching for scraps of this and that consuming more and more, wasting more and more. Like maggots on a large rotting corpse we rape mother earth. We dig into her as if there were no tomorrow. She cannot shake us off with subtle hints. We multiply like rats in the sewer. WE converge on her precious treasures like roaches on rotten meat with no respect or regard for her gift. We pillage and plunder all cloaked in the name of progress. This vicious gang bang cannot continue without regard for who will come to ride her bright blue orb.

She is ready to expel us like bad gas or bring raining rocks down on our heads. Justice may be slow but it will be swift. Her water is black. Her air putrid and thick. Her skin crawls with those who have no regard or remorse. You came up out of her. She gave you life. Her insides run through you like a rushing river. You will not escape that final moment when she opens her mouth and swallows you back up from the dark place before time began.

What will lie in wait for you there? She never forgets the deeds you have done upon her. From dust you came and dust you shall return.                            


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