All Men Created Equal by Kiler Davenport

All men were created equal in the sense that they have the ability to deconstruct every other man’s truth. The founders of this nation knew that men would do this. They knew full well that Democracy would be a constant struggle and furthermore they expected corruption, tyranny and abuse of power to be a constant threat to every state in the Union. For this reason we should all exert our power of reason and civility to overcome this urge to upset the balance and structure that would seek to destroy us. We cannot live without a moral and  just law. We cannot move forward with any assurance unless we return to the truths our forefathers held so dear. Nations fall because of greed and excess of power. They crumble because those who oversee lose their sense of moral obligation and massive responsibility to govern in such a way that leads to prosperity for all citizens and not just the chosen few.


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