We The People by Kiler Davenport

“We The People” has become “We The Passive”. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has changed to “Before they do unto you”. “Love thy neighbor” has become “To hell with they neighbor”.

Don’t get me wrong I know there are a lot of wonderful people out there doing a lot of wonderful things. But if you take a really good look at their hearts and deeds are being snuffed out and overshadowed by the careless, wasteful, disrespectful lamebrains that make up the majority of movers and shakers in this country. This massive machine of money and maniacs and mindless monsters and pulling the strings and pushing the buttons of the “massive passive”.

Very few people understand how this system operates and the majority could care less and that is exactly the way those in control want to keep it. You have just enough freedom and power to keep you lulled into a false sense of liberty and justice for all. So much so that you will fight wars created for the amusement of the mega rich. While leaving the poor nations to starve and die who cannot fatten the pockets of those that control the global machine.

Like puny puppets on a string you dangle waiting for your tiny morsel for the day. Believing all the bullshit that is spewed from the digital dragon, spun like fire silk and wrapped up so tight around your brain you cannot escape. You have been washed in the river of rubbish for so long that you have become a drone in the machine. You will even defend the very thing that devoured you, consumed you, blinded you, and dumbed you down into believing you are free. The blind leading the blind. Can’t you see, same game just different players.

My country tis’ of thee, sweet land of lies and poverty. We do not kill to defend. We kill to dominate and control. We do not take prisoners. We take trophies to hang on our presidential elections.

The warring nature of man will never change and those who control the machine use that to their advantage and favor. Pick a target to dominate and create a war. Call out those clueless patriots. Call them heroes. Give them little trinkets to hang on their clothes. They will fight to the death for the machine. Hail to the machine.


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