We Are Where We Are by Kiler Davenport

We are all where we are and this is something everyone should try and remember. There are so many opinions out there and ideas as to what we need to do to bring lasting change to this Country and create a safe and healthy future for those coming after us. We must revert to basics and common sense in order to see this through. We all need clean water, land to grow on and fresh food to eat. We all need to know that our government has our best interest in mind and of course all of us know this is far from the case now because of our lack of involvement in the process and our complete lack of education and training as to how government really works.

Many still believe in government and its non-existent ability to save us and secure the future for our off spring and others who will come after us. Many have no idea at all that they are living under a spell that was cast long, long ago by those at the top of this pyramid.

Many have said that the devil or the underworld and demons that are controlling us all but that is simply not the case. Yes I am sure that there are forces out there that are powerful and beyond the imagination of most of us however we must try and make logical sense out of these events as best we can.

If there are any forces out there that we need to really worry about it is those that seek to keep all of us divided and at odds with each other because of race, creed, color, tradition, dogma or religion. It is division and ego that we must fight and conquer. For that is the enemy.


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