Food For Thought by Kiler Davenport

“most of you are not living but existing in the matrix. you are slave to the dragon and bow to its every move and do everything it tells you to do and believe in its power over you.”

“most of you are living in the trappings of your past. it is like a ball and chain around your legs. you are living out what you, yourself, created. many of you continue to make stupid choices and bad decisions that will keep you enslaved for years to come.”

“you own nothing. you control nothing. you are nothing but dirt with a brain.”

“that last little breath could be just one heartbeat away.”

“at the end of the day it all boils down to you.”

“humans are like light bulbs. go and turn on a bulb and watch it come to life. you see light was there all a long but just waiting to expose itself.”


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