New World Order by Kiler Davenport

We are the new world order. We are you and you us. It is time for you to know our real purpose and intent. It was never to enslave you. It was to own you and control the very air that you breath and the cloths you wear and the cars and trucks that you drive and the food you eat and the money you spend. We are not after you. We already have you and your offspring and all that is yours and theirs.

There is no escape from us because you have given yourself to us of your own free will. You fell for the bait and you will always fall for it. You are so easy. Look we are telling you at this very moment who we are and what we have done to you and you will do nothing at all. Because we own your mind and we control your brain and your body.

We have presented you with so many fictions and so much illusion that you will fall for anything we put out. Plus we know how to move you and how to fool you and trap you. Look at what we are and look at you. You are nothing. You are scum on the bottom of the scum. The piss in the pee bag.

We have created a fool proof system where the house always wins. If you rise up against us we will kill you. If you disagree with us we will crush you under our feet. If you do not obey and persist we will kill your children for they belong to the State anyway.


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