Zone of Wonder and Amazement by Kiler Davenport

We are what we have been looking for. We are the inside of the inside. We have not been given the ability to really see ourselves for what we really are. However that could change soon. We must open the third eye and silence ourselves. We must stop believing the world as we see it and start to see the essence of and manifestation. Our senses will not allow us to go where it is we would like to go . The senses keep you grounded and this is not completely good thing.

There is a realm that exists and it is possible to go there but you have to move away from conventional thinking and just enjoy the ride. You must stop reacting to the external world as if it had something to do with you directly. You must realize that billions have come before you and trillions will come after. Stop believing yourself to be so important and special.

You do not even show up on the radar. You must stop trying to pin down and define everything and just let it be as it is. Yes you can move it this way or that and yes you have a say so in the way things go but be easy and calm and discerning. Stop rushing for the finish line to show everyone how smart you are. Just be in the zone of wonder and amazement.


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