Old and Alone by Kiler Davenport

We look at the old as if they are from a different planet. We hate to smell them. We squirm and wiggle to get away from them. Oh sure most of you pretend to be listening and interested but in reality and deep down you just want to get the hell out of there and back to your false and clueless little world. All of you will soon, very soon be there and you will remember the time you had and did not spend with them. You will be so alone and hurting. You mark my words people. You heed the call for they are calling and they are without hope. So many left in the shadows and all alone to fend for themselves. Will you help them? Will you visit them? Will you take the damn time to just be with them? Remember what I have said here. The clock is ticking and very, very soon you will be there crying and dying.


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