Crying Out To God by Kiler Davenport

For most crying out to God is a normal everyday thing. It just comes with the package and seems to be the thing to do because most everyone else does it. However, God most surely does not exist as we might believe and if in fact this is the case that is still crazy and confusing to say the least. But most folks are afraid to question this because of their deeply embedded programming and indoctrination.

The question should not be does God exist but rather why do we really need to know this and how has it helped all of us around this world so far. Do we really need to know? Is it that important? For some yes and others not really. Life to me seems much more as a complete fiction as it does real. As a matter of fact it is completely impossible. Yet here I am typing this I think.

I am locked into the Jesus thing as many of you and I have gone round and round with this for years and years and I will be just as confused on my death bed as I am now. I want Jesus to be real and I want him to be the son of  God and everything else the good book claims.

This is one of those things that we shall just have to wait and see my friends. In the mean time let us see if we can do what he asked us to do.


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