Christian Face by Kiler Davenport

For all of you who go around with that Christian look on your face. Just wipe it off and learn to set the example. Stop telling everyone you meet that you are praying for them. Stop inviting people to your Church unless your Church is in the streets and doing the dirty work and getting close and personal with those who are suffering and hurting. Just do the work and walk the path.

If you are not out there getting dirty then you are just blowing smoke up peoples ass. Each and everyone of us need to take this advice. You have to take folks by the hand and love then no matter what they look like, smell like.

Jesus did not come to save the well healed and rich. He came to work with the low lives and down and out. The ones you wanna be Christians pass on the street and lock your doors and hope they do not bother you. America is on its last leg and soon we will feel the full and long lasting effects of this.


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