Right Or Wrong by Kiler Davenport

Remember telling someone you are right is also telling them they are in fact wrong. Let me ask you at this time what makes you so right. How can you determine if you are right, you cannot. So why is it that we go out and try and sell this to others. Is this attitude changing your world for the better? Are folks asking you to run for some big office?

Your right is wrong to another and what you believe to be true is insanity to others. Life is a string of illusive events in time and space. We are contained within this massive energy field and we will remain here forever because that is the way energy works.

Look how long we have had to bring things into perfect balance and yet we have not brought anything into balance. Look how long we have had to fix what is broken and yet we have not. Can any of you grasp this or are you too far gone?

Your quest for this illusive truth is a fiction. You are a small fish in a vast and ever changing ocean. Your idea that you are somehow special is insanity to say the least.


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