Edge Of The End by Kiler Davenport

The majority of you are the walking dead. Clueless empty headed zombies blindly walking into the void. Trapped in your false sense of security and completely enslaved by the machine. You have that stupid look on your face, that clueless gaze. Programmed by the machine to do the same thing in the same way and get the same results.

We are on the edge of the end as we know it. The dangers that are just over the hill will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. Natural man has been absorbed into the machine. The children have been swallowed whole by this thing. You are like floundering fish out of water like rats running crazy in a maze. There will be no escape for you. Your children will suffer because of you and when all of these things come upon you. There will not be one people to save you.

Those who have ears please listen to my words. Prepare yourselves. Be ready to give an answer. They are coming and they are powerful. You have been warned and you should wake up and see this reality.


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