Hard Cold Facts by Kiler Davenport

Humans are nothing but a string of memories. We somehow are able to put things into some kind of perspective that we seem to understand and this in itself is very very complex and not easy to comprehend even by the most learned men and women. Ideas as to how all of this works are as varied as the stars in the night sky. Many people seem to believe that they are the one with the answer and that everyone should listen to them and do what they say.

The hard cold fact is we have no idea how any of these things that deal with existence work or don’t work. And I mean not one person on earth that has ever lived and died. We make all of life up as we go and we live in a way that feels good to us. many say they believe in God but do not act as if they do.

Others do not believe in God but are better than the ones who say they do and still others are just completely clueless as to who are what they believe. Yes it is a mess and gets worse every day because of this complex structure we have set up. There are billions of folks on this planet and more on the way. They all have a very different take on things and this makes it even more confusing. Everyone can’t be right and everyone could be wrong, And then again some could be right and many wrong. In essence we do not have a clue as to where we came from. We are clueless as to how we the human species got here and we have no idea what it will be like when we die and future more we have not even defined death yet.

Some say live this way and others say live that way and others do not give a rats ass how you or they live. Humans dislike pain and suffering but they bring it on themselves and give it to others every day. People say they want to live in peace yet they fund wars and the killing of millions of innocent folks every day.

Everyone walks around saying I love you but have not a clue as to what love really is and how it works, if they did the divorce rate would not be off the charts and I mean off the charts. We have completely clueless parents raising completely clueless kids and we have smart kids instructing crazy and clueless parents. We have a church on every corner and yes in the US people spend billions on hard core porn. The folks that run this Country are running it in the ground and most Americans act as if everything will be just fine.

We are a Country that prides itself on being a super power with billions and billions spent on the killing machine we call the military yet we cannot find a way to house and feed our own people and this so called healthcare system is nothing more than a massive sick care system. The pot is calling the kettle black everywhere I look. And the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing or even why.

Its no secret that we are in self destruct mode and at any time one of these monsters that we have created could kill us all or most of us anyway.So what to do, if no person really has the answers and even if they do almost nobody will listen to them anyway. I have written at least 2000 articles and written and researched programs that work and are proven yet not one person responds with any excitement. I would consider leaving radio and just sitting under a damn tree but I am always called back.

It seems it is my gift to piss people off and get their attention. Yes everyone has a gift or do they we do not even know that. its hard to concentrate when you have all of these folks saying oh look the UFO’S are coming and see look there Jesus is in the sky. And others are putting tin foil on their heads and running from smart meters and telling me that my washing machine is spying on me. Yes its a crazy world and I guess for the mean time we are stuck here or are we.


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