Dead Asleep by Kiler Davenport

We as humans are bound by physical science as far as performing physical functions and prethinking our actions are not within the context of our abilities we create our reality. At the moment things do not seem to be very safe. As a matter of fact the world is out of control as far as humans are concerned. Everyone has their take on what is good, safe, comfortable, secure, healthy, and so on.

Humans sill do most anything to protect themselves and their families however at the moment seem to be way off base when it comes to understanding what is really going on around us. Too many in the world today seem only concerned with themselves and their comfort zone. They are confined to a little box in their reality and will not venture out for fear of getting hurt. What most can’t see is that all of these little comfort boxes are tied together and one effects the other. Whatever you do in your box effects everyone else. We are all so intricately linked together.

The ones controlling this world and all that is in it do not care if you live or die. They are not concerned with what you think or even  how you think or believe. All they see is money, control, power, and domination and in many ways you are the same and this is where the problem starts.

Most of you do not have any real sense at all. You were born into a clueless family and will die in a completely clueless state of being. Others are smart enough to get out there and get what they want and to hell with you. Still others were born into families of massive power and control and these are the new world order. They hold the keys to the future because they create the future. You will never become part of this exclusive club.

These power brokers are many and they are controlling your mind at this very moment with technology that is beyond your imagination and comprehension. To break away from their control is almost impossible to say the least. Some of you will understand my words and others will shake them off.

The clueless zombies will try and find a way to say something completely stupid about this post or something completely meaningless. We have built our own little club here and we will not bow to the new world order. We stand strong and awake. We are in the know and have been behind the dark walls. We have made a way for all of you to come and join us but you are dead asleep. you believe yourselves to be so damn smart until they come for you and then you will wish you were on our team.


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