Nothing Changed At All by Kiler Davenport

We have traveled millions of miles out into space over night and what has changed here. The answer is nothing at all. Trillions and trillions of collective brain cells and still completely clueless. Opportunity abounds as millions sit and play on fake book.

Our children are in grave danger at this time and are owned by the state and you sit like a dumb ass. The environment is a toxic poison soup and you sit here. What shall we do? When will we come together and fight for the future of our children.

We have a plague upon this planet. A disgrace. Blind air headed worthless zombies everywhere and we do nothing. Most of you are so stupid you will be forever be enslaved by this machine. You will bow to this monster. You feed it with your labor. Your children will follow you to the death. They will repeat your foolishness and stupidity. Is this really what you want? Is this really who you are? Can you bring yourself to see through this deep dark veil?

We have a plan and we are warriors on this front line. Won’t you come and join us. Soon you will be on that cold hard embalming table and then it will be too late to act. You will be there with all those other bloody and rotting bodies and you will not escape from there. Will you help us with the 1000 citizen producer project if not for yourself then do it for your children.


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