Thought for the day from the desk of Kiler Davenport

is so very hard for people to realize the dark side, I mean the really
dark side of the world that lurks in and around us every day and night.
the walking dead have invaded us all around and the zombies fill the
streets, young and old they are everywhere. your neighbor, friend,
mother,dad, friend, co worker. the list goes on and on, the infected are
lost and their brains have been take over . they
are in plain sight and the signs are not hard to see for the keen
observer. never mind them for they will be lost forever. yes some are to
far gone to recover. not to say that we should not try however we
cannot be easy on them because they will be the ones working in the fema
camps watching over the ones like me , if they can fine me and cuff me,
do not be fooled many of them are already on the payroll of homeland security and are
reporting. beware of the young airheaded new age bunch. the ones who
are for gun control and animal rights for these are the ones that are
under the control of the new world order.agents are everywhere on this
platform,hell I could be one . be careful.

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