Thought for the day from the desk of Kiler Davenport #2

as a people have forgotten how to stand up and be counted, we have
forgotten how to fight for what is right and just. we have been given
everything on a silver platter and we are spoiled rotten to the core. our
lives now are hanging in the balance and we have placed our
offspring in grave danger. most of you are like young doves sitting
proudly on the fence waiting to be killed by the hunter. many are so sure of themselves and head strong. they are blind to the forces that control them. we have
divided ourselves by color, creed, religion, tridition and ideology. we
have lost the idea of the once true collective that was built into us
from the beginning. our only last hope is to get ready to meet death
head on and fight to the end. their is no place for immature kids on
this front, they will only get in the way. they are spoiled and will run
at the least hint of blood and guts. we are here for those of you who
have underdstood my words over the years and you know we know who you
are that have stuck by us .we will come for you in the event of a
complete break down.we will find you and help you. the others can fend
for themselves because they have done nothing but cause trouble and make
fun,we have our own list and I can only hope for your sake you are on

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