Sidewalk Apostles by Genesis Factor

I heard


The foreigners come and do the jobs we don’t want to do

Then get accused of robbing the natives of revenue

Man paid three quarters of his savings to get this ‘anything goes’ dame-

To learn his basic information and take his name

Cleaning floors by dawn head in books by dusk

Trying to parent from abroad and running out of love

One cold beer to deflect cold stares

This is London baby, its not always neighbourly over here…


Pregnant lady, boyfriend took a walk

Never bothered to come back so now she talks

To every man like he is the one-

That stole her soul and cremated her love

Passed that hatred to the unborn seed

Now here he comes to make the world pay for mamas misery

Council Estates, latchkey teens and the evils they make

This is London Baby, still an upgrade on many a place


Ministers of mediocracy, jobcentre plus bust

I used to teach now am collecting dole and looks of disgust

Security staff sinister gaze, worse than I smell

I couldnt afford both water and heat so hygiene fell

Rare days where I interest similiar ‘sitch’chicks

Cannot be liberties taken because pockets and my mind are sick

Open my eyes in Hell and the demons say yes

So I will be skunk, weed and  pills enslaved by the mess

Caught up in catastrophe when I could be whirlwind prophesied

Can’t even look at the poster of ‘Pac because for new truths I pimp old lies


This is London baby, I did this to myself


Gunn Starr circa 2010


freshest dirt ever


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