Burn The Body by Genesis Factor

Against the machine, the fashionable disease,

Learn to pull your pants up before you climb steep hills like these,

Rookie cards get drawn and entire viewpoints are culled,

When life becomes an ongoing death- existence needs to be mulled-

Over and under till the middle is understood

And the circumference loses its ethereal hood

You see the ratio that commands measurement,

Mensurates what we predicate to serve us replenishment

Due to forewarning some won’t be forlorning

So when gut speaks listen to its ‘Knight’ – ‘forsake’ of the ‘mourning’


This Black mixture of panorama conceals african drum-

In left breast-you can feel my NOW when we hug

Yank a concept from cranium and make thought real

The impossible possible is revealed

I enter the temple of Isis heeding the mating call

Activate the sex magic mere pleasures of the fall

Telekinetically converse with the universe talking to my genesis

We are all star particles in a present state of disassemblance

this is –

Just a rock where some deity bust a nut

And we fighting over ownership of its poisoned seas and barren dust


Lets give it up for Love that foreign idea

You can always find ‘comfort’ in the perpetuity of fear

Who knew when I was building pyramids in pre egyptian places; carving nazca lines

Playing marbles with costa rican stone spheres that my-

Olmec intellect would be so fundamentally misunderstood

I even made the significant continents maintain recognizable shapes

Peruvian and Africa aerial landscape-how can you know your heart when you

don’t even know your face?


Six days of Gestation and on the seventh I disappointed in my creation


Gunn Starr circa 2010


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