To Will Or Not To Will by Kiler Davenport


Life as we know it is simply a massive blend of possibilities and outcomes. We are swimming in an ocean of ideas, concepts, thoughts, dreams, feelings, and interpretive dimensions. The human brain is very calculating and is constantly seeking to quantify and qualify the surrounding environment.

Internal meets external and magic happens. Doors open and opportunities abound. Many are unable to master this complex organ to even a basic degree. They seem to be letting their brain control rather than the other way around. Some of the revolutionary thinkers of all time have believed that we are slaves to the brain. They have stated that we have no free association or thought. Their conclusions were that we have no free choice or free will and that we are just a massive complex collection of chemicals interacting in ways we will never fully understand or comprehend.

I for one believe that we do have free will and are able to make our own choices based on our experience. I believe that we have the capacity to alter the course of our future and the future of others. For if we were not free agents then what would be the purpose, reason, or logic of life.

If in fact we were pre-programmed robots of sorts. What a cruel trick of nature that would be. Just think if this was true and we could somehow know it to be true. How that would effect our everyday life and way of living. Would it make it better or worse? Would people be able to adapt to this way of living? Would most or all go completely insane finding out all of a sudden that humanity had no control whatsoever over its destiny? That every move we made, every idea, every thought, activity, project, and event was just another part of the forward moving program.

This is even a little maddening just writing about it. Some have said how can we have free will if God knows everything we are going to do before we do it. Others have said that even though God knows these things we still have the ability to alter the course.

Wow some of this makes sense at all. So I guess we will never know and that is probably a good thing.


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