The Essence of The Quiet Zone by Kiler Davenport


remember we are people to and it really takes much practice to escape the muddy mind matrix. very few people will ever grasp the mystery that I and others speak of. they will forever be lost in the darkness of the self. its hold on they is strong and alluring. these blinding forces are everywhere. many have sold their very souls to them. life is like a dark cave with endless tunnels that lead out into the void. many are not able to find their way and give up trying even though the light was just a few feet away if they would have only just kept going.

 walking in the dark can be dangerous and scary. it can cause injury and create mental illness. the worst part is that so many are crowded into the dark cave trying to go the same way following the same blind leaders that movement becomes slow and almost impossible. many times it is better to just find a silent calm place and wait. wait for the others to stumble past. at other times we may be so inclined to take the lead and bring others toward to light.

it takes much practice to walk in the dark without falling, and even more practice to teach others to follow this complex but safe path. enlightenment is found in the darkness. it is realized as something beyond the senses. to be awake one has to be one with the darkness. one has to realize that both light and dark are one in the same as is life and death. living trapped within earth bound senses will never allow one to take flight and soar to eternal heights. one bound in these senses is forever doomed to a life in the lower realms.

how many of you would say you live in a fairly reactive mode always looking for that next opportunity to tell your side of a thing. how many of you judge others by the way they look, act, smell, dress, stand, sit, talk. you see you are reacting to external stimulus. you are being controlled by what is going on outside of you. living in this way prevents you from ever breaking free of the self that was created by this same environment. it keeps one locked in the prison of ones on mind.the first step to freedom is to learn to be quite and let the external world process.

learn to get over into the quite zone as we call it. this does not mean to open yourself up to injury it simply means to be completely observant without pressing your point of view. their is so much to be learned in the quite zone for this is where wisdom dwells and piece finds its time goes by and the silence speaks to you as never before and you learn its language for then you will be free and alive.


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