Ruby Red Slippers Not Needed! — Pat Berardini


This story takes place as far or as near as your next dream. And you must truly believe in a magical lily pond and magic potions. Close your eyes and leave this world and the so-called paradigm of (reality) behind and enter the enchanted and luminescent realm of the dreamers dream. Ruby red slippers not needed!

Long ago, in the far reaches of the darkest cobwebbed corner of your dream, in the blessed ancient mythical kingdom of Kerch, reigned Pan and unicorns. There once was a magical lily pond that was the gate way to the (Hall of the Mountain Kings) then up to (Valhalla) itself. Surrounding this pond, flocked with snowy white water lilies, was a stunted forest of strange and twisted maples, also home to a kaleidoscope of elves, sorcerers, gnomes and a recluse but diabolic troll. Never let a troll conjuror up a spell on you, for if you do, you could very end up to the fallen fate of a toad or an urchin…“I should know, I am writing this tale with webbed fingers and toes.” The guardians of this mystical pond were a dynamic dual; an extravagate pink flamingo who called himself (Alf) and Alf’s faithful confidante, a very large black and shaggy and pleasantly delightful Newfoundland dog who wears rimless spectacles who went under the pound banner of (Duffer.) Alf was transformed from a lovely feathered bird to mundane stationary plastic figure by the (Boreas), the people from the frozen cold north. With the hope of a single dream Alf will one day be the monarch and aviator of the heavens once again. Duffer an alchemist not by choice but this was his splendid nature. (Perhaps, we all would like to be alchemist in one form or another.) They both love to indulge themselves in the quest of the greatest unknown. Some days they both would peer into the pond as if spying on a parade of luxuriant lightning bugs and their glow worm cousins. Sometimes but very rarely though, they could see a grand pantheon of gods, moving in perfect invincible cadence. The reflecting waters of the pond metamorphosed the moonbeams into shimmering star light then into the majestic princess Arcadia, whose smile is as graceful as a rose petal. A long day of summer brought an unceasingly array of billowy clouds that had very curious shapes. so Alf and Duffer, in a jaunty and jubilant manner, would tell each other what these curious clouds resembled; elves do the same but in the Fall when the days are short and the forest trees have found their leaves of autumn. Burgeoning up like a June wildflower the sun rose, blotting out the stars and the amazing journey was to begin. Alf and Duffer prepared themselves for their quest that would take them through many scarlet realms. Exuberance gushed spherically from them both like angelic aura. They walked in credulous step. Duffer took off his rimless spectacles and quite nervously and cowardly, mumbled, “Look there’s a cottage with a red door and green roof.” Alf replied in a somewhat shaky voice, “Let us look inside.” They moved very cautiously not to awaken a sleeping troll or a laughing elf. Through the long perils of it’s past the once handsome cottage was blighted by time. Duffer slowly pushed the red door open and peered inside. There was a creature with five fingers on each hand, huddled in heap.

Alf and Duffer ventured into a fairy forest, which they had never been before
They saw a rather odd and feeble cottage, with a green roof and one red door
Quietly as a church mouse on Sunday morning, they slowly stroll
They open the red door of this most humble abode.
There they saw a strange creature all in a heap
Apparently this odd looking thing was fast asleep
Duffer muttered in a slow monotone voice “what can this be?”
In a faint whisper they had to crane to hear, the creature exclaimed, “Why it is me.”
“How did you get here,” Duffer uttered in an ever so bold but whimsical voice
In a sluggish banter the creature said “I am tired, hungry and a little bit cold.”
“I am James Billy that is my name.”
With no hesitation, Alf exclaimed, “Then we will take you with us.”
They all set off through the enchanted wood forest with the twisted maple trees.
“Welcome.” hooted the owl and so say the birds and the bees.

James Billy expressed in great delight, that he had never seen nor felt this generous warm kindness before. Alf and Duffer looked at each other in a most puzzling manner. James announced in a quivering voice, “I am the very last of my kind, there is no more” Alf murmured in a tone that rang with disbelief, “What happened?” James then revealed that he was a human and that humans never could get along. So they made (war) on anyone who would disagree, even the most childish things brought on the wrath of war. “What is war?” Alf and Duffer said in unison. “War took the place of love and kindness out of fear and ignorance,” honestly said James. Reassuringly Duffer politely and proudly delivered these chosen words, “We have never heard of war here, so it can never be, James Billy, you will stay with us and watch over the pond, for it is the gateway to Valhalla and this will be your new home.” Alf agreed with no reservation. So this very handsome trinity lived happily ever after.

So what is the moral of this tale for this we will see,
Everything that ever existed can live in peaceful harmony
So let this day be eternal in love this we will proclaim
The amber of love will always become a flame.
So let us dare open our soul searching hearts
If only to listen to one another, well that is a start.
You’re like me, and I am like you
There is no difference, this so true
We only have one world to live in so this you can be rest assured
Love is more than a plain ordinary four letter word.

Thanks Pat Berardini


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