Original Poem by Senat Lovely Marie


POEM-There are times when you need a break,relax after a Hard day of work or hustle,no need to worry my dear.I will ease your mind while giving your back a rest,let me cleanse you while releasing pleasure through your blood stream,no need to lift a finger let me detonate a mind blowing,physical altering explosion,from the root to the tip,taking my time to caress your jewels of a perfect master piece,my hands using you masculine pillars for support as my tonsils politely indulge in a tasty conversation,on any given day you love me from head to toe,so I take pleasure in doing nothing less,sweet kisses on your inner thigh,mmm what’s that you say,the feeling of my tongue & throat bench pressing your human nature,you can barely stand,shivering with passionate pleasure like a child naked in the cold,I feel the convulsions about to come on,thinking to myself he doesn’t have epilepsy but I couldn’t tell no different,seeming like he’s about to go in cardiac arrest,pulling on to my hair getting me closer & deeper,someone call 911 this has got to be a crime to be physically & emotionally taken beyond a Nut & into mouth watering,muscle spasm,I can’t breathe orgasm,wouldn’t you say so,hmm I live for moments like this & nothing less…..


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