New Song – Your Home Town by Tyler Wallace


Hey there’s a way,

There’s a window from this pain.

There, there is a fault,

In each of our hearts.


…And you, you can fly,

If you only try.

…And I, I will let, I will let you go,

With your wings spread firm.


     …And you will become,

     A spec on the horizon.

     …And you will become,

     Whatever you were before.


Things always grow,

They never change though.

And Hate will destroy,

Every inch of your ploy.


So love, like you can, because

I have seen your love for all man. 

…And don’t forget where you came from,

And why you left it.


…And you will never die,

Despite what they said that day.

You live right on, in this,

And many other songs.


…And we never doubt, the strength in you,

When you let it out.

…And I feel your pain,

Every single grain….


     When you look back,

     Laugh, and wave as you fly away.

     Don’t slow down,

     Your heading for your home town.


…And you were there,

The day that this baby was born.

You couldn’t help but stare,

You kissed my cheek as you caressed my hair.


…And you stepped out side,

So glad to be alive.

Now step once again,

And be as glad as you were back then.


May you go, and rest in peace.

Thank you for all you gave the world.

Love you so much Doyce Watson, and also Louis Brooks Wallace.


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