Pure of Heart by Renetta Serchio


To the man whos , respected and admried pure of heart and rainbow colored ,

Who shines bright day or night trys so hard
to set things right

His kindness and love
his caring and sharing
his reaching out a hand

a preacher . . .
a teacher . . .
a risk taker . . .

A man who follows
his heart and soul
cant just give l00%
he gives ll0

Hes an artist . . .
an author . . .
a musician a poet . . .

A man who writes
from his heart
shows all his emotions
in every write

A man who fights for
the rights of everyone
gives his all the second
his eyes open

always moven a step
ahead hes a knight in
shining armour a king
amoung many men

he stands up never
does he run give up
or look the othe way

when things are
tough hes there
to stay

digs in deep from
his heart no better
man have l known
Kiler Davenport
gets the job done . . .

By: Renetta Serchio


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