make yourself ready for the beast, he is on the wind, he is in the air, he has risen.

you have laid down and worshiped him, you have you have given yourself over.

he has given you food, shelter clothing, he has put you in debt, you have submitted freely. and you will submit again and again. he has stolen your children, they will lay down for him, they will worship him, it is to late to turn back, the deed is already done,

a slave to the dragon you are, locked in your little cage of false freedom you flounder,

you grope you crawl, you scrounge you rant you rave, lost in the dark void of digital hell

your life is meaningless, you are invisible, you travel to and fro, searching,wanting,

building castles in your mind, you long for reason and beg for meaning,

you lift up your hands, you kneel, you open your arms all for the dragon this man made dogma, this creed ,this pack with darkness. you are fat with self, gorged with the I-I-I,

those well to do run in packs like wolves, made up like clowns, court jesters, asses,

the well healed bitches walk past those in need like they were cockroaches, kids dressed and fashioned fit to kill all for and from the dragon ,these middle class moms put the A in air head, the B in bitch, the S in snob, urban dads bowing to that sweet smelling snatch, pussy-whipped born-again shit for brains white puritan piece of shit.

you that live in the comfort zone, the glass house, you pretenders, counterfeits , frauds,

living and dying up to your ass in credit , buried in bills just to try and fit in, shame on

all of you , the dragon is your GOD, you are a lie, a cheat,and you will be cut off,

did you offer up your life, did you go that extra mile, did you fight for the underdog, the underclass, did you feed the homeless with your own hands, did you offer shelter,

I smell blood in the air, I smell your blood, when this revolution roars, when the guns are blazing when your plastic house is falling to the ground, then you will see, fire,

blazing fire in the sky, you will not hide, your children will be fair game to those you left behind, all your silver and all your gold will be burned up, you will be raped by those you raped, you will be conned by those you conned, and killed by those you fucked,

come out from your sleep my friends,awaken to the noise of the revolution,smell that sweet blood in the air,where will you be when it all goes down,who will you be with,

are you fucking the dragon,is the dragon fucking you ,awaken,awaken,awaken………





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