Donny Gillson and Kiler Davenport – Two Powerful Shows with One Message – FREEDOM

Kiler Davenport & Donny Gillson— are coming together for the first time to do two powerful shows.The first will be on Monday Feb. 20 2012 on 32 degrees of Insanity on Freedomizerradio ( And again Thursday Night Feb. 23, 2012 on N-Depth (

Gillson and Davenport are pulling out all the stops leaving no stone unturned. This will be one of the most explosive, informative, gutsy, out of the box these two producer / hosts have ever done. Lies will be exposed. Truths will be uncovered. And secrets will come to light that have been hidden in the shadows of the US government and world council. If you want to know the truth behind the conspiracies tune in. This is the show that could get them killed.


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