Many of you have been intrigued, in awe, and confused about constructed reality and what I call the process. It starts when you wake up in the morning. You begin to process, bring to the surface, and think about previous sensory input. These chemical keys fall into their slots and open the door to this memory or these memories which give you a sense of where you were the day before you went to sleep.

The senses begin to act when you open your eyes and become aroused for the new day. Your senses begin to act and interact with new sensory data coming in and connecting with the old data from the previous day. WITHOUT THIS PROCESS you would be considered a patient with Dementia or Alzheimers. The interesting thing here is that both seemingly normal and abnormal (Alzheimers) brains are acting out the process just with different outcomes of constructed reality.

 Police officers beat their wives, are perverted, violent, racist, indignant. Ministers divide, confuse, brain wash, molest, lie, masturbate. Scientists create wonderful technologies that can be misused to destroy the world and kill millions. All in the name of CONSTRUCTED REALITY. Your messiah, his messiah, our messiah, the messiah, God, gods – all constructed reality.

One who understands the process will sit back in the theater of the mind and understand these neurological and chemical reactions for what they are and how they work.

Those who protect their opinions. Those who are stubborn, set in their ways, practically unmovable in their belief system have fallen prey to themselves. They have imprisoned themselves in the process machine unable to move above, beyond, and outside of the brain’s strong desire to find meaning. This is one of the destructive behaviors of religion. If not the destructive behavior of religion.

The human mind acting on its own begs to find a position; begs to find a platform – reason, logic, analysis. All of these things are destructive to the human community if one does not understand how they operate.

The lawyer is not the lawyer. The housewife is not the housewife. The writer not the writer. The Messiah not the messiah. The dog catcher not the dog catcher.

If you are seeking enlightenment you must try and understand these things. For instance, a woman meeting her ex-husband is not really meeting her ex-husband. She is just carrying this bag of constructs within the process. A man going to court to be sentenced is not going to court to be sentenced. He is moving into the realm of multiple constructed realities who have dogmatically believed the same legalistic lie.When we get up in the morning and go out and try to sell things to people – this diet, that diet, this philosophy, that philosophy, this idea, that idea, this concept, and even brain farts. We should remember it is not us doing the talking. We are slaves of electro-chemical guards, biological overseers, lords of the gray mater. That is why the Buddha asked us to free ourselves from this self constructed hell.

I expect to get a lot of feedback out of this post. For those of you who truly understand this post are already trying to free yourself from this self-constructed, demented, twisted mental slave labor camp. Who you are at this very moment is a hostage of multi-dimensional global programming and propaganda. You are a slave, an outgrowth, a manifestation. This if understood completely and you can begin to free yourself of being a propaganda machine from your past will set the world free and a new age will dawn. We will be able to save ourselves and the planet we stand upon by loving one another for our potential and not what we think each other is, was, or is planning to be in the constructed world of self induced process.

I will do a show on this if you wish. I also expect input that let’s me know that you are getting this.



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