I am a television producer. It is what I love to do produce, produce, produce, and produce some more. It is in my blood. The power of production courses through my veins. It is what I was born to do.

Some of you have no idea what a producer is or does. A television producer is the cheerleader of any production. The one in charge. The leader front and center. He or she is also the one that is completely responsible for the success or failure of what is produced. We come up with the ideas, develop the team behind the concept, and light the fires necessary to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. Producers are eternal optimists. They are fearless and forward moving. If they run into a mountain and can’t climb it. They will go right through it. As a producer one must be constantly in touch with everything and everyone that is involved directly or indirectly with the production.

One has to be on top of the game and completely aware of problems even before they happen. Producers must also be able to get along with people and work with them effectively regardless of the situation. We are tireless, energetic powerhouses that will not take no for an answer. Failure is not an option.

Producers are not made. They are born. Life cannot turn a jackass into a race horse. You either are a producer or you are not. You can or you can’t it is that simple.

Producers must overcome complex challenges and be able to meet strict deadlines. They must be responsive and responsible. The must constantly strive for perfection and quality in everything they do. They also must be good listeners and be discerning and understanding to the sincere needs of others on the team and off. They also must above all be true to their world.

I have worked for years to perfect my production and producer skills. I have always tried to stay humble and level headed. Thank God for some of my friends in the business who have been there for me when I wanted to crash and burn. When I wanted to throw in the towel and give up. They pushed me back on course. They stood by me. You know who you are. These people are ones who I can say are true friends forever and that is something I will cherish and remember forever.


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