The Government Will Get Away With Exactly What We The People Let Them Get Away With by MzMona Payne

I do not know who started this circulation but; I am a journalist, and my uncle does in fact work in Washington at the, and believe it or, not? It is still called “The White House” even with all of the idiot remarks that some of us who have the intelligence of an ant are spreading through the rumor mill.

This is in fact part right as I spent all of last week checking with certain government officials who do work with the SSI offices: Your numbers are off by a few hundred dollars actually. The illegal immigrants are making more by just walking across our American Borders, and going straight to the nearest Welfare Office, and demanding we support them as refugees from Mexico, and other countries as well. We in turn are giving them all they want “not based on skin color regardless of popular belief but, due to a certain obscure law that says we will help the downtrodden, and those countries less fortunate than America: So, you might as well get used to paying for millions to live here off of your Social Security for the rest of their lives, and ours: Until we “Americans stand up, and raise Holy Hell with our government officials” this is only going to get worse.

Every human being alive from so many countries know that we will give up all we have to provide for them, and let the ones who were born, raised, and worked their entire lives here in America starve to death or, let them die in their own beds because, we will make sure the immigrants, will have several hundreds of our dollars put on a bridge card for them to buy our food without ever paying one cent in taxes ever; why? again, they are exempt due to that little law that says they are “Refugees”, so it is up to us to make sure their kids, and even those who are capable of working get free health care. And, we cannot get medicaid cards for those who deserve it that actually paid in all of their lives to a country that has done nothing but, betray them, and let them be badly abused in our Nursing Home Facilities no matter “WHO” our President is for the moment: You cannot blame our new President for this because, this has been going on since the 1920’s to date, and there is no stopping our own government from killing us off one by one, and we are the ones who put all of our elected officials in that White House so, we are to blame not the immigrants who are coming in by the droves, and collecting what you, and I have worked all of our lives for.

This is just my own view on this situation America is in but, really folks we are to blame because, we have not been a nation of the people, for the people, and by the people for the last 80 years; So, face it, and don’t blame the party that sits in the seat of the greatest office in our land: He didn’t do this to us we did it to ourselves because, we the people, never had the backbone to stand up for ourselves, to the ones who always promised us that things would be better with every election, with each new party President: So, until we as Americans take back our country, and our own SSI, and policing our own nursing homes ourselves to protect those who can’t protect themselves; we need to keep our mouths shut if we aren’t going to back it up with proof that we have had enough, and we are mad as hell, and we just aren’t going to take this crap anymore: And, this is just one journalists opinion, and not that of any other living person that I may or, may not know.



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  1. Nice piece MzMona:
    Articulate and sadly all too accurate. Last I looked the Constitution started, “We the people.” The power’s supposed to come from the populace, and instead the people have empowered shysters, liars and opportunists.

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