When Less Can Give You Back Your Self Respect by MzMona Payne

I found out a very long time ago while traveling down our own chosen path in this life that, I always wanted more of “Whatever” it was at that time.

But, as we go about our daily lives collecting material things we are always on our guard to do all we can to protect what we have acquired during those many years.

But, here is the one major thing I have since learned over the last five years especially; It truly doesn’t matter how many worldly goods I may possess, they don’t always make me a happy person within.

What I have learned in earnest is this; the great advantage of having nothing is that “Everything” becomes gain. Losing everything like I did was the absolute most terrifying thing that had ever happened to me or, so I thought.

Losing all you have truly is the scariest, and yet the most liberating experience one can ever have. Nonsense!!! I know that is what all of you are thinking at this moment, and five years ago I too would have agreed with you whole heartedly.

However; When you have “Something”; “Anything”; You always feel that you have to protect it to keep it from disappearing. And, so, “Worry” becomes the sole resident that is residing in your heart.

When you have nothing, your heart overflows with gratitude for every offering you receive. When you have an abundance of “Anything” you take it all for granted that it will always be there. Not so my friends; at least not all the time for some of us on our daily walk down our road of life.

I was put in a position where I had to sell a total of one hundred thousand dollars in diamond jewelry to a local pawn shop dealer who played upon the fact that I was in a dire situation who needed to come up with just a mere six hundred dollars to make a payment to someone.

The Pawn Broker was only doing his job, and it wasn’t to show me mercy or, sympathy either. His job was to get all of my jewelry with all of the matching receipts, and insurance values as well for as little as possible.

I don’t harbor any ill feelings toward the pawn broker as that is how he makes his living. It is a sad one nevertheless to always make your survival off of the down trodden of this world. I am not too sure I could lay down with myself each night, and go to sleep too easily if I had their jobs.

But, I do digress a bit here don’t I ? 🙂 Back to a point I hope to eventually make here. A valuable lesson learned is what I want to make here folks so, please bear with me as I am just trying to give you the mental image that we all have been in at one time or, another in our lives if we are past the age of oh say “Breathing”.. 🙂

I did lose all of my jewelry but, I gained something so much more important to only “ME”.. My self respect. I was now free from being the Keeper Of The Diamonds of which I had been the sole keeper of for thirty one years.. WOW: I could only sing Hallelujah as I got in my jeep, and left that pawn brokers shop…

So, I guess what I really want to say to all of you who take the time to read this little epistle of mine is this; No matter how bad things may look right now means absolutely nothing; it’s how good they can be with God’s help that really counts here.

In these lives of ours you can always count on one thing my friends; Everything can turn around in one day; in one minute; in one second; and the only thing we can do is simply hold on, and ride out the storm until we make it through to the other side of our personal storm…

I have always believed that God has a miracle waiting for me right this minute, and it is there if I will just make room for it in my life. For you see God has nothing to prove to me; so, if I don’t believe in miracles, and visions of faith then I do believe I would be in for a real surprise one day.

We all believe by faith alone, and if we would just keep our eyes open to the many miracles that often come in unexpected ways on a daily basis in our lives we would see the rainbow just over that bleak horizon that has kept us down at the bottom of the valley.

If we don’t pay attention when God is talking to us, and giving us the miracles we need, and not the one;s we think we want then it should never come as a surprise to any of us when he even takes away the one true miracle we needed that was right there in front of us all along.

So, yes. Life is an up hill battle for every living being on this planet, and some have it better than others but, do they really? Just because, they have money? Do they have the love of a good neighbor who would go to the drugstore at midnight just to get you some medicine because, they love you for you, and don’t want to see their neighbor sick?

I will stick with the neighbor who has the dog who barks at me every time I walk out the door even though he knows it’s me, and has been for however many years we’ve been the best of buds.

Just some random thoughts I have today about letting all of you know that just sometimes; Less Is More In A Good Way:


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