Through the Eyes of Spring by Sheila Z. Stirling

Ahhh Spring, with her warm breezes and cool evenings.
Spring is here and nature’s way of letting every living creature and every seed this beautiful planet know that the time has come to sprout, bloom and grow. We feel it in every cell of our body and in the crisp morning air and warm afternoons. This beautiful and adventurous time of year that encourages us to our hearts to ourselves and to all the wondrous colors that nature brings. As women we open like the beautiful rose and as men become highly aware of the nectars sent, much like the bee. (Remember there are two kinds of bees, the honeybee that drinks the nectar in order to make sweet honey and the killer bee that is capable of a fatal sting.) As women we must pay attention and learn to see the differences.

Spring is here and we begin to look through our closets and cupboards feeling we would like everything brand new. Have you found yourself standing in you closet just looking at your “Spring Collection” of cloths? Making a mental note what will stay and what must go?

Yes, It is spring cleaning time and as we look through all the aspects of our lives spring brings us the courage and fortitude to reach out to the best of what life has to offer. To clean up and sweep away things and beings in our life that do not add to our joy and fulfillment. Spring offers us the opportunity to step up and weed our garden. So besides looking in our closets, lets look at all the aspects of our life and relationships.

This brings me to a very important point. Spring is the time to love and nurture yourself, to make the changes that are in your best interest and know that this season is supporting your sprouting and growth to your greatest life and wildest dreams. Time to get out in nature, take a long walk, gather with friends and be part of your community. Mingle, be seen, you never know where you may find a honeybee. Don’t wait! Now is the time.

There are many valuable tips and relationship red flags to look for in the award winning finalist for 2010 Best Book in the relationship/self help category from USA Book News. “Love and Illusion”, How to recognize, recover from and avoid a destructive relationship.

It’s spring and time to bask in the warmth of the sun and know that again you are the sprouting seed;  you are wonderful and beautiful and deserve all the best that life has to offer.

Let us honor this season by spring-cleaning our lives and nurture our greatest dreams and intentions.

Love and Blessings,
Sheila Z Stirling PhD


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