The Wellness Code “Intentional Wellness” by Sheila Z. Stirling

We now have the science to understand the connection between the brain and immune system. We now know how emotion effects your health. The mind- body connection is real and critical to your health, healing and wellness. It is your doorway to success in all areas of your life. Step into what is extraordinary about yourself with this 7 hour transformational Experience. Experience Emotional Consciousness the key to your life force and attraction. It is  “The Wellness Code” an “Intentional Wellness Experience™”. Learn to feel more love, joy and inspiration. Gain the tools to unravel that which may be causing you discomfort in life. Discover the place where something more in life, is found. It is the marriage of science, higher consciousness, health and wellness. Achieve your innermost goals and transform your life in positive ways.

When we talk about a code or a key, what does that mean to you? and for you? What is a code?

Within our bodies we carry over 100 Trillion cells. They are not static or still. They move throughout the body in a constant striving for our wellness in every area of life. They make sure we are warn when it is cold on the out side, they make sure our blood and lymphatic fluid is flowing thought every artery, vein and system in the body keeping us in optimal condition.

So what is it that tells the cell what to do? Do we run on Cellular Memory? What happens when something goes wrong? What causes us to know what it is and what to do?

Within the DNA there is a code for life, an ever perpetuating ultra sensitive instruction within every cell. The “spark”.

What if you could get to know this code and insure your wellness? Would that be a benefit for your life? What if you had a method of communicating with the emotional body that gives the signals to this “code”?

Now we have the ability to share this precious information and help to insure  your total wellness, take you to thriving success in all areas of your life. It is The Wellness Code and it is  Your “Intentional Wellness”

Sheila Z


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