Clueless Peddlers by Kiler Davenport

Most folks really believe that they know what they know. Then they go out and peddle these clueless ideas and falsities to all they meet. So often we have the blind leading the blind. How often do you ask yourself if anything you are doing is really making an impact on anything or anyone. When I am on the phone to leaders int eh other countries who are in war zones and could be killed for even talking to me here at the station. I feel that I am making a contribution and making an impact through my on air reporting. All of you could do this. You just have to want to.


To Be by Kiler Davenport

To see is but a shadow

To touch is to touch the wind

To feel is a delusion and mystery

To know is to know nothing

To be is but a glimmer of what is to come

All that exists hides within the shadows of the void

Hope as you will but you will not find this illusive dream world

Calm yourself, be still, be quiet

Do not rush in with the fools least you fall

The masters have said that the way is in the piss and the dung

And so many have failed to grasp this

Where do you stand

On what rock do you build your house

Standing On A Different Platform by Kiler Davenport

We are swallowing those who stand on a different platform. We want to kill that which we do not agree with or understand. Most bow to this new world order media and feed it as feeding sharks the blood of the innocent. The clueless abound. The nuts are falling from the trees of these zombies parents.

Heads down praying to these digital gods. Churches filled to the brim with empty headed people who have forgotten how to use their own heads and think for themselves.

Our oceans are being poisoned as lamebrains sun themselves on these very beaches. Our children have no hope. They are drowning in stupidity and foolishness. Heads buried in the sand of this empty void we call the culture.

A society completely out of control and lost in this sea of information overload. Very few want to explore this molten pit of reality. It smells. The dead are there. The innocent are there. The dead and rotten bodies are there.

We have surrendered ourselves to these corporate pimps. We have had intercourse with demons. We have opened our minds to this nasty pit. This place of the dead walking.

How much longer can this be? How long can we endure? The few rule the many. Indoctrination has trained us to go back and lick up our own vomit over and over and over again. This system is beyond broken and we are past the point of no return. We will now become what we have created. We will now pay for what we have ordered.

Without An Agenda by Kiler Davenport

Without an agenda we are lost in the wind

Without focus we will never reach our goals

Without commitment we are tossed about by every wind that blows

Without sacrifice we are nothing

Without pain we know not the good times

Without suffering we cannot truly give of ourselves to others

Our habits keep us locked away from the possibilities

Our co-dependence chains us to yesterday

Our stubbornness bogs us down and drives away opportunity

Our need to fit in makes us the problem instead of the solution

Our routine completely blinds us to the world around us

Our past confounds us and often condines us

We live out our lives but very rarely inside our lives

We see with our eyes that have never really been fully opened

We tell ourselves how good we are doing when really we have failed

We often disregard the truth and swallow the lie

We listen to the world around us never fully hearing what it is trying to say

We to often settle for less when more is just a few steps away

We never really live in the moment

We are always out there, over there, in there

Many of us cannot let go of the past

It seeks to define us, hold us, demean us and ultimately kill us

The answers are not out there somewhere

The healing will not come from outside

It will not come from some hidden force

It lies deep within your imagination

It begs to be unleashed upon the world if only we can realize it

Our our mind to it, learn to be one with it and freely accept it for what it is

Healing does not mean the absence of pain

It does not mean the absence of suffering or even strife

It simply means an awareness, a knowing, an acknowledgment, a sense of enlightenment or awakening

It is time to reach out to those who you know are not fair weather friends to give them their due

To acknowledge their part in your life

They cannot read your mind

They need to know that you are present in this dark disconnected place we call reality

Reconnect yourself to living

Live the dream that lies dormant in your being

Let your spirit sing

Let your light shine

Let us all unite and rejoice in our union

Being Two People by Kiler Davenport

You cannot be two people
Not even three
The key to all the madness
Is to set the others free

It’s not easy to depart
From all those friends
They’ve been with you from day one
And they would like to stay until the end

Let’s name them – control, confusion, madness
Let’s bring them out into the light
You cannot keep them hidden
Even though you’d like to try

You must begin to kill them one by one
They all must die
The only one left standing will be so less demanding
When control, confusion and madness go away

Live life and savor the moment
Be ready to give
Don’t fret, frown and feel sorry for yourself
That’s the fool’s game

Just remember every precious second counts
We have no time to waste
Stop hiding in the dark ages past
God does not dwell there
He is the now and future
For this you should prepare

An idle mind is the devil’s playground
For this you cannot deny
Stop playing that old victim game
For tomorrow you may die

Ashamed of Human Race by Kiler Davenport

I am ashamed of my human race. I do not search for answers for life’s elusive questions. Your answer is my question. Your question is my answer. Clueless, mindless organisms who know not where they are going or from whence they came. Fumbling around in the darkness of imagination. A product of your wasted experience. Practicing your feel good religion. Ignoring those who might inconvenience you or steal your precious moment.

Feeding your kids to the devil like pigs to slaughter. Living for the moment ignoring the past and pissing away the future. Consuming the earth like a blood thirsty bat with no concern for those coming after us. Building fences and walls to keep you, your own worst enemy, locked away from those who accuse you or making you the way you are.

You are me. I am you. We are them. They are us. We are all each other. Race, culture, creed and religion should not be used as instruments of destruction and separation. But ties to bind us through creativity and expression. We all come from one source. And to that source we shall return. All dead flesh rots the same. You will not escape death. You cannot deny death. You will not hide from your death. Your reservation awaits you. So sit tight and enjoy the ride.

Answer and Question by Kiler Davenport

You look at the answer when you ask the question. You close your eyes and speak to the wind. You run the race in the darkness. You try to find the end. Relieve the mind of things and concepts. Ideas go away. The mad rush to silence turns night into day. To find peace, perfection, and tranquility. One must let go of all that one sees. Take flight on wings of endless spirit. Take time to be thankful just to be. The mind be cool. Let go of self. Be one with time. For that is the golden rule. To find is to lose. To see is blind. You cannot bend the rule. Take flight on winds of endless spirit. Lose self and find that priceless jewel. When the I am becomes the we are. You have reached the first plateau. When one becomes all and all becomes one. Then finally you will. Vividly imagine, desire, be consumed with and it shall be so. The we is all you really need to know.